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Age: 29

Location: The Netherlands

What's in your journal: Aside from personal stuff that happens in my life, I post pictures, doll talk, and memes.

What rating is your journal: Most of my journal is PG-13 going towards child friendly, but mature stuff and triggery stuff goes behind a cut with a warning.

Do you own BJDs?: Yes.

If so, how many and which ones do you own?:
Right now I own:

-Elfred (Dream of Doll Lahoo)
-Lucciola (Unidoll UH-14)
-Einhard (Unidoll UHr-01 Jace/SDF body, horror mod)
-Ludowic (SS El mod/F-doll body)
-Silvana (Fairyland Feeple65 elf Chloe)
-Krister (CP Lu-Wen)
-George (Soom Sabik Cyborg)
-Duck (Limhwa Limho Mono)
-Metropolis (Batchix Machina Alpha)
-Hoogmoed (Dollshe SA Saint/Limhwa Limho Mano body)
-Derrick (Elfdoll Sooah/CP boy body)
-Davi (JaimeDoll Adonis Davi 18cm)
-Thunder Child (sleepy Narsha)
-Hendrik "Holly" (Napidoll Aesh/Dollstown 15boy body)
-Endeavour (Limhwa To L)
-Barbera "Barbie"/Fleur-de-lis (Limhwa tan Eva/dreaming half elf)
-Henk (Volks Reisner/Little Monica A body)
-Wubbe (JaimeDoll Special punk look ver. Cristin)
-PiƱata (Fairyland LittleFee El)
-Noel (Youth Dollmore Eve Noal/Eve Glamor body)
-Barry (NotDollLab Bleu Citron/Zaoll body boy mod)
-Mercedes "Mercy" (Asleep Eidolon Blueberry/Luts KD girl body)
-Valentijn (SWITCH Huisa/Camillia Dynasty body)
-Fashion Lud (Fairyland Chic-line El)
-het Naamloze Beest Rozenknop (Bimong Narin N407)
-Herbert George Hannibal (Elf Elly Boy Banji)
-Distel (ANother Secret Orchid/Volks SD10 girl body)
-??? (Resinsoul Yao)
-Sarah (DIM Laia head/MNF girl body)
-Sooner (Saintbloom Charlie)
-Fabulous!Holly (Fairyland Chicline Ineffa)
-Liz (Batchix Mini Machina Delta)
-Paula (Batchix Mini Machina Eta)

Floating heads:
-Engelbert (Dream of Doll T. Lahoo mod head)
-Raaf (Unidoll UniReal Ark head)
-two original art Minimee heads
-Little Monica Kliff head
-Archibald (Luts juri A head 2007)
-Bobbie (Migidoll Ryu horror mod)
-Walter (CP Elf Chiwoo horror mod)
-Catootje (Unoa akubi face-plate)

Interests/Hobbies outside of BJDs: art journaling, comics, costume making, dinosaurs, drawing, epidemiology, gothic horror stories, graphic novels, LARP, Masters of the Universe, mice, sculpting, oekaki, painting, photography, rabbits, reading books, role-playing, skeletons, tchaikovsky, toxicology, traditional archery, playing the violin, and writing.

Friending policy: Photographs and memes are posten publicly. All the personal stuff is friendslocked, so post me a message if you want me to add you.

Where to add you: LJ, Flickr, and Tumblr.

What you do in the BJD community: I mainly just work and play with my dolls. I post pictures on Flickr and Tumblr. I recently started sculpting doll heads and parts.

Anything else you'd like to share: I may not comment a lot if you add me. I do love seeing what other people do with their dolls even when I don't always have something to say.

Doll picture:
Not up to date, but most of the dolls below are still in my collection.
All completed dolls aug 2012